Some words from people I’ve worked with.

Progress comes in many forms, not just in 2 snapshots of moments in time

Success can look like:

A healthier relationship with food.

A positive change in body composition (more muscle, less fat or both).

An improvement in training performance and exercise technique.

Enjoying exercising.

The important questions:

Do you feel in more control of your lifestyle?

Did you learn how to train effectively for your goals?

Did you learn how to manage your own diet in a sustainable way?

Are you seeing progress towards the goals you have?

Based on 35 reviews
Matthew G
Matthew G
Almost 8 months ago, I was recommended Tim by a couple of people I knew. After having an online consultation, I decided to work with Tim on an individual training plan. I have been very impressed by his attention to detail and the ease in which I have been able to track nutrition, exercises, and measurements. I have been able to see clear progress each week due to this detailed tracking system. In addition, the exercises given to me are perfect for my fitness goals and are varied and fun to perform. The biggest plus for me is the ability to send over videos each week for feedback on technique and form with Tim always responding promptly and with great advice/tips. I highly recommend Tim for anyone looking for a personal coach. 💪
PJ Geake
PJ Geake
I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Tim Bower as a highly skilled and dedicated personal trainer. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Tim over the past many months, and I can confidently attest to his expertise in the field of fitness and his commitment to my well-being. Throughout our professional relationship, I have observed several qualities that set Tim apart as an outstanding personal trainer: • Expertise and Knowledge • Personalized Approach • Motivational and Supportive • Professionalism • Adaptability • Results-Oriented • Communication I can fully recommend Tim as an exceptional personal trainer. I am confident that Tim will continue to excel and will positively impact the lives of those he works with.
Richard Eason
Richard Eason
Tim is an excellent coach who's friendly, professional, and approachable. He's an attentive trainer who's passionate about fitness and gives clear, concise guidance. I'm 55 and I would recommend Tim in particular to friends who are my age, and those just starting out on their fitness journey, as he's very inclusive and welcoming.
Michael Lees
Michael Lees
Best PT I’ve worked with. Set a challenging yet gradual schedule that allowed me to progress at the ideal rate.
Andrew Francis
Andrew Francis
Tim is a fantastic personal trainer, very motivating and recommended the perfect excercices to see a big difference during training. He is super reliable and whenever I’ve asked him a question he has always got an insightful response. I would absolutely recommend him.
Thomas Aastad
Thomas Aastad
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim on my training throughout 2022 and have found him very knowledgeable, attentive and fun. He’s great at motivating and inspiring his clients, making progress more attainable and enjoyable!
Kitty Rodwell
Kitty Rodwell
Tim is a brilliant coach. It can often be daunting as a woman in the gym, but Tim automatically made me feel comfortable and confident. His friendly approach and expert knowledge really helped me go from strength to strength. His knowledge spans beyond the gym and I always come away from sessions feeling as though I’ve learned something new - whether it be about form, nutrition (or a good holiday destination). I would highly recommend using Tim as a coach no matter your goal.
Sarah Denny
Sarah Denny
Tim is an excellent and attentive coach, who really focuses on you as a whole person. He recently helped coach me through a knee injury, and his input was invaluable.
Carly Reid
Carly Reid
Tim's super friendly and helpful and I found him really fun to train with. He's approachable for any questions and always explains everything in detail so you can apply any information to future sessions. If I was struggling with exercises he worked with me to find a scaled down version that worked until I built the strength to do the full exercise. He's insightful and shares lots of knowledge of what he's learnt through training and research. He has a clear interest in health and fitness and always reading and sharing articles and studies, which shows that he's always looking to learn and grow but also help others do the same. Would highly recommend!
Giova Pasieglio
Giova Pasieglio
Tim is a great coach who supported me achieving amazing goals. With his help I’ve improved and optimised my workout. I’d highly recommend him as a coach!

Ailbhe, Ireland

Reaching out to Tim for help was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. His constant help and encouragement has guided me over the past few years.

Having no previous gym experience, Tim made me feel instantly at ease with his patience and thorough guidance. I gained the skills and confidence needed to workout on my own. His positive attitude and insight also motivated me to make better lifestyle choices.

Tim’s enthusiasm and attention to detail is second to none. There is always time for a laugh which I always appreciated.

Tim is always happy to help and answer any questions. I am very grateful for the positive impact he has had on my life. I couldn’t recommend this sexy b****** enough 

Dani, South Korean via USA

“I have been going to the gym on and off for years, but I was never confident enough to really give the weights a chance. Tim completely changed all of that for me, he made me feel so comfortable instantly and taught me the correct way to perform exercises.

During the 8 months we worked together, I lost around 8kg.

I honestly can’t thank Tim enough for working with me. Every day he pushed me harder towards my goals and expected a lot from me which kept me motivated and goal oriented, without making me hate working out!”

Josh, South Korea via USA

“6 years ago, I was in pretty decent shape. I had made a consistent effort to hit the gym a few times a week and ran every other day. However, a series of running-related injuries and a torn rotator cuff stripped me of my enthusiasm. By the time I met Tim, I had ballooned to around 98kg.
There’s a lot of psychological aspects that go into weight gain. Being happily married, the stress of life abroad, and the misery of sitting at a desk all day make it easy to be lazy. Sometimes, it helps to hear someone else tell you what you already know. Sadly, Tim wasn’t nearly as abusive as I requested, so I have to mark him down for that.
When we met, I simply said I wasn’t interested in being a gym bro or anything like that, and he made a plan designed for sustainable weight loss. Of course, the plan included weights and he corrected my form, but addressing the psychological aspects of exercise/eating was one of the more important things he did. He helped me become much more aware of what I was eating, and let me just say that the amount of food Tim makes you eat is pornographic. It shouldn’t really be possible. By paying attention to the nutrition labels and aiming for certain targets, I learned a lot. I discovered that chickpea pasta is almost indistinguishable from real pasta, that those Quest Birthday Cake cookies are pretty phenomenal.
I’ve lost about 10kg over the past 7 or 8 months, which I’m super happy with. I’m not interested in overnight results that will vanish the second I glance at a pastry in the window of that one bakery that I’m scared of getting too close to, just because smelling it would break me spiritually. Tim taught me that fitness is made up of a series of micro decisions that get you closer to your goal or further away from it. Even if I mess up sometimes, I’m moving in the right direction most of the time.”

Mika, South Korea via USA

“Tim is an incredible support system! Not only does he give you tips ans adjustments for your plan to make things easy to execute, but he’s always willing and ready to research, modify, and adjust based on any needs or concerns you might have. Training doesn’t feel like a chore because Tim is a hands-on, pressure-off trainer.

Working with him has been encouraging, even on my not so awesome days. Thank you, Tim, for having faith in me and giving me faith in myself”

Amy, Ireland

“I started training with Tim in 2020, doing weekly park workouts when the gyms were closed and later doing PT sessions in the gym.

At that time, I had very little confidence when it came to working out, especially workouts involving weights as I believed I had zero strength, but Tim was very helpful and encouraging, and reassured me that I could do it.

As a beginner in the gym, Tim was very patient and explained how to use machines while ensuring that I always had the correct form.

He was always on hand and just a text away to answer any questions I had regarding workouts/machines, and believe me, I asked a lot!

Thanks to Tim, I have gained a lot more confidence in the gym and feel physically stronger.

 I look forward to continuing working with him and reaching more goals this year!”

Kai, South Korea via USA

“Training with Tim has been an amazing on-going journey. I struggled heavily
with having a good relationship with food and my body. I have made great
strides thanks to him and only see things getting better. Either in person
or virtually, Tim is a go-to for a great training experience!”