Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Support

Establish Your priorities

Decide whether pursuing a fitness goal is a priority for you.

Set Goals

The goals you set will determine the habits we need to incorporate into your daily life.

Build a foundation

Learn the basics and start building the knowledge of how to manage your training and nutrition independently


Take the skills you’ve acquired and do it on your own!


Get Set Challenge

A FREE 2-week Challenge aimed at getting you up and running towards your fitness goals. Set habits, start training again, increase your activity level and learn about how to make small changes in your daily life which can help steer you towards your fitness goals.

The Get Set Challenge is a FREE 2-week Challenge aimed at getting you up and running towards your fitness goals.

It’s a chance for you to see the type of coaching I do, and hopefully pick up a few useful habits along the way.
  • Learn: Discover the main road blocks people face when trying to reach their fitness goals, and learn how to take action now!
  • Daily Tasks: Complete a daily task built around a fitness road block.
  • Habits: Start implementing positive habits that will lead you towards your goals.
  • Interact: Connect with other people with a similar mindset.

Bowerfit Foundations

What’s involved?

The aim of Bowerfit Foundations is to offer many of the benefits of individual coaching but in a community setting.

  • Training Program: Follow a training program and learn how to adjust the plan to suit the equipment you have available.
  • Community Focused: Interact with other people looking to achieve the same things as you. Participate in weekly tasks and challenges.
  • Members Facebook Group: Your best place to ask me questions and interact with other participants.
  • Build your own nutrition plan: Learn about energy balance and how to adjust calorie and macro targets yourself.
  • Weekly Live Q&A: Submit your questions or book on for a live call to talk through your progress.
  • Technique Checks: Upload your exercise videos and receive technical feedback.
  • COMING SOON: Members area with guides and articles to help you along the way.

Is Foundations for you?

Are you:

  • A beginner or lower intermediate in terms of training experience?
  • Looking to learn how to make changes to your training, nutrition and lifestyle independently?
  • Fed up of jumping from diet to diet and not seeing the results you hoped for?
  • Someone who enjoys the accountability of participating in a community of like-minded people?

Monthly Subscription

£75 /mo

3 Month Subscription


6 Month Subscription


Individual Coaching

We work together on a 1-2-1 basis, and check-in every week to monitor progress and make adjustments wherever needed.
I’m here to support you with all things fitness related – nutrition, training, and general lifestyle.
If you want to know more, drop me an e-mail and I’ll give you a call back!
  • Personalised Training Plan: You’ll receive a training plan made just for you and your circumstances.
  • Personalised Diet Framework: Daily calorie and macro targets. More importantly, personal support with building eating habits that are sustainable for you.
  • Learn: Build an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyles that incorporates your fitness goals but doesn’t stop you from doing the other things you enjoy.
  • Check-In: Video check-ins on a weekly basis or as and when you need them.
  • ​Live tweaks and adjustments: We will closely monitor your training and nutrition, and make adjustments as we go.