Tim Bowers

My Story

Over the past decade I’ve worked in marketing, product development & licensing. I’ve taught English in various schools and academies, and worked with Chinese factories in the middle of nowhere. I even once worked at a chicken farm for a day…no further questions, please.

I’ve lived in exotic places like Shanghai, Seoul, Mexico City and Bedford…and I’ve been lucky to travel to a number of countries, and met some great people (some awful ones too).

I enjoy doing work that provides benefit to those that actually need it, and hopefully I’ll be doing some sort of coaching/teaching for the rest of my life.

I’m a certified Bayesian PT, a UK Level 2 & Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, along with a Level 3 Nutrition qualification.


Bowerfit is just a name. I just thought it was more catchy than ‘Tim Bowers Annoying Personal Trainer Guy’, and the domain name was available too…

It began in 2020, when I started training a group of friends in a public park in South Korea (usual start to a story).
Since then, I’ve been working with people online, helping them learn about how to train effectively, nutrition fundamentals, and some fitness lifestyle advice too. 
It’s more important to learn how to do something, rather than just following.
 Learn the skills you need to take action yourself in the future!


The type of training we do is resistance training.

We lift weights (dumbbells and barbells), use cable machines, resistance machines and do body weight exercises.

Training programs are tailored to your goals, the equipment you have, and the time you have available.

We learn how to do the basics, and progress them over time.

We also do some ‘fun’ extra work to keep things interesting!


I am not a certified dietitian, and I will never tell you exactly what to eat.

What I will do is provide you with a framework, and help you to learn nutrition fundamentals.

Food is one of the BEST things about life, and building a healthy relationship with it can take away a great deal of stress.

If you learn about your own eating habits, you’ll eventually be able to build your own nutrition plan that includes the foods you enjoy, and also supports the fitness goals you have.

Eat well. Enjoy your life.


Not everything is about fitness and it isn’t always the number 1 priority for everyone.

Gaining some perspective will help you figure out your priorities and what’s actually important to you.

You don’t have to optimize every aspect of your life.

Instead, think about the lifestyle you want to have, and start practicing habits that build towards that lifestyle.